Joseph PalumboPeter PalumboCamelot Dream Homes, LLC
is a family owned business,
owned and operated by
Joseph and Peter Palumbo.

The owners of Camelot Dream Homes are very active in the business, and play a major role in the company’s day to day operations.

We are proud to deliver Outstanding Customer Service, you should expect from us! It’s really very simple!
From the day you walk through ours doors, or call us, till the day we sit by your side at the closing table, we will treat you exactly how we would
want to be treated ourselves!
We will always look in the best interest of our clients, not our pockets!

Our Father always said,
“If you run an honest ship, you’ll have more business than you can ever handle!”

Thank you for visiting our website and considering us for your Real Estate needs,
we look forward to servicing you now and in the future!